02 Apr

I joined an online forum this morning and a recurring theme emerged around teachers feeling more stressed due to managers having more meetings than ever now that we are all working from home. They feel micro-managed and checked up on instead of supported and trusted to get on with their jobs.

This way of working is new to most of us so managers need help to be able to support their teams more effectively. From listening to teachers here are some of the things they want:

Support for teachers

  • clarity on what is expected of them 
  • technology which is reliable and easy to use
  • responsive online tech support
  • clarification on what external assessment requirements are in these new circumstances
  • time to do their job and to be trusted to do the best for their learners
  • weekly supportive meetings
  • an opportunity to check in and collaborate with colleagues
  • guidance and support 1-1 from managers focusing on personal and professional health
  • to be supported to manage their own wellbeing and help to build resilience

What can managers do?

  • collaborate with peers to share positive strategies
  • maintain a human approach
  • work out the right balance of how to communicate in the right way with the right frequency to support and value staff
  • read articles and blogs on social media from different organisations dealing with the crisis to get new ideas
  • engage in 1-1 coaching themselves to give headspace to reflect and think through different solutions for dealing with people and challenges. Build up their own resilience.
  • listen to teachers

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