19 Mar

 Leadership Style - Coaching directly impacts on how leaders think about their leadership behaviours. It develops awareness of leadership styles and gives them the opportunity to reflect and be more thoughtful in their approach to tasks and goals. 

Relationship to Line Manager - Coaching helps explore the existing relationship with their line manager which has many benefits. Some are able to identify things they are not satisfied with within this relationship and change it. For others, coaching offers a place to explore what they are satisfied with and what within that relationship they value and find helpful. 

Relationship to Conflict - Many leaders find their relationship to conflict interesting and coaching enables them to explore the topic. Some leaders are comfortable with conflict and others feel that it was an area of concern. During coaching, many discover that conflict is something they avoid. Coaching allows them to explore negative beliefs around conflict, to challenge and ultimately change them. 

Relationship to Power - Some female leaders reject the concept of power and have quite strongly negative feelings towards it. Coaching supports shifts in insight and perceptions around power and how it could be used. Through the process of coaching some views and thinking move towards seeing power as a positive and constructive force connected to strength and confidence with choice and influence over how it was used. 

Relationship to Personal Life - The coaching space offers leaders the chance to explore and reflect on their work/life balance and their responsibilities including   family. Coaching supports some leaders in making links within work to parts of their life outside of work adding a helpful holistic aspect to the work. Coaching in this way helped clients find insights around how things in their lives connect.            

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